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DDoS attacks hit Ukrainian government websites

Kyiv, Ukraine—A powerful Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack hit Ukraine Tuesday, targetting the websites of the country’s armed forces, defense ministry, public radio and two biggest national banks—Privatbank and Oschadbank—and knocking some services offline. The attack, which worked by flooding the sites with an overwhelming amount of web traffic, left many Ukrainians unable to […]Read More

Geomagnetic storm takes out 40 of 49 brand new Starlink

SpaceX launched even though the space weatherman predicted tricky conditions could follow a solar flare SpaceX last week launched 49 shiny new Starlink broadband-beaming satellites, which is good. But 40 of them have already, or will shortly, meet their demise due to a geomagnetic storm that struck a few days after their ascent. Which is […]Read More