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Ukraine suffered two cyberattacks in the lead-up to Russia’s invasion

Good morning and happy Wednesday! If you read one thing (besides this newsletter) today, you should check out¬†this article¬†by my colleagues about Facebook’s nationwide campaign against TikTok. Below: The FBI warns election officials, and hackers steal more than $600 million in a brazen crypto heist. New research sheds light on two early hacks in Ukraine […]Read More

New CIA Documents Show Soviet Union Was Developing ‘Cybernetic Telepathy’

Was the Soviet Union developing cybernetic telepathy? According to a CIA document, most probably, yes! Three newly released CIA reports from 1963 and 1964 shed light on the Soviet Union’s use of extrasensory perception (ESP) and the alleged development of “cybernetic telepathy.” In the documents, an agent essentially revealed his conversation with Soviet scientists and […]Read More